I Found Out My Online BF Is Actually My Dad

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I had just finished stuffing the last of my stuff into a bag, when my mom shouted “Elle, come on! Time to go!”. Throwing my backpack over my shoulder, I slid down the railing of the stairs one last time. I was used to moving, but I really liked this house. My dad was standing at the door of the house. He gave me that look, the look he always gave me when we moved, that apologetic look. I could tell he felt bad, but he didn’t have to make my mom and I move just because he needed to be closer to his clients for a few months, he could just travel back and forth.

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I got into the car and immediately put my earbuds in. Moving always put me in a bad mood. We were going to be in the car for a few hours, so I decided to just take a nap. I was trying to fall asleep when I heard my mom and dad talking. My dad said “I feel bad. Elle being so lonely is my fault.”. He then raised his voice, and looking into the rearview mirror asked me “Elle, are you awake?” To which I responded with a sleepy grunt.
“This is our last move. I promise.” I jolted awake and sat up energetically. “Really?” I asked him. He nodded and I couldn’t help tearing up. I started imagining finally having a solid group of friends. Since we moved so often, I never bothered to make friends, that way I wouldn’t get hurt when we eventually left, but now it was different.

We stopped at a small hotel by the highway a few hours later. This trip was going to take around four days. My mom and I decided to drive to the nearest town and get something for dinner while dad stayed behind and took a shower. While we were shopping in the local supermarket, my phone buzzed. I figured it was my dad, but it was a message on social media. I opened it, and discovered it was from a boy, and a cute one too. He said he always saw me eating alone at my old school and wanted to talk to me, but that I suddenly disappeared so he never had the chance. I asked him a bunch of questions to make sure he was real. I even asked him to send me a picture of our school yearbook. I had never seen him before, but I kept to myself, so maybe I just missed him in the crowd of people I avoided. My mom told me to hurry up with the shopping cart, so I slid my phone into my pocket and hurried over to her.

My dad went to bed earlier than my mom and I that night, because he was tired from driving. My mom stayed up watching a movie on her laptop, and I stayed up talking to Max, the boy who texted me. We talked about why I moved around so much, about school and teachers we hated.

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