Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

12-Minute Full-Body Tabata Virtual Workout with Anna & Ghyslain.
TABATA SONGS PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/TabataPlaylist​

Follow along with Anna & Ghyslain as they lead us through a Full Body Tabata workout! Anna is leading the workout from Austria, as Ghyslain demonstrates a scaled/lower impact version of the workout from California.

This workout requires NO EQUIPMENT. Give this one a try for a full-body fat burning, strength building HIIT workout!
#tabata​ #hiit​ #growingannanas

Anna Engelschall:
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Ghyslain Sapu:
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Tabata Songs creates music specifically for Tabata Workouts- 20 seconds On, 10 seconds Off, for 4 Minutes.