Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

You can now utilize CPA marketing on ClickBank! Watch this in-depth tutorial on how to start using it in your ClickBank account right now 😎

0:00 – Intro
3:22 – CPA Marketing Importance & Relevance
5:10 – How Does CPA Work on Other Affiliate Networks?
8:17 – Are Affiliates Capped with CPA on ClickBank?
11:58 – How to Set CPA Commissions in Your ClickBank Account
14:34 – The ClickBank Commission Calculator
19:34 – ClickBank CPA Adjustments/Modifications
21:56 – CPA Reporting
26:53 – Managing CPA Commissions
27:55 – Maximum Payable Amount
30:26 – Dynamic Withholding
34:14 – Who is CPA Marketing Best For?
36:33 – What Does CPA for an Affiliate Look Like?
38:31 – Outro

Cost per action (CPA) commissions are an attractive alternative to revshare commissions for many of the worlds biggest affiliates, particularly large cold-traffic affiliates. CPA is appealing because affiliates know exactly how much theyll earn upfront for bringing in a sale, no calculations required, and they keep that amount regardless of any customer refunds.

For vendors, CPA on ClickBank is particularly impressive. Theres no deposit required, no complicated math, and a straightforward interface that makes it easy to offer precise, profit-powered commissions all in one place. Vendors can also readily switch between rev share and CPA on the same network! With unique and exclusive tools like a data-driven commission calculator and robust profit reporting, CPA on ClickBank is unlike any other CPA network.

As CPA on ClickBank becomes widely available, more CPA-only affiliates will likely join the ClickBank network in search of stellar offers. Attract the all-star super affiliates you need to scale your offer by adopting CPA commissions on ClickBank today!


Exclusive commission calculator: Our calculator uses the maximum amount of available account data–including sales by product and individual affiliate performance–to help you fine-tune the perfect individualized commission.

Robust reporting: Full sales reports, including profit per order (PPO), make it easy to manage your business and optimize profitability over time.

No deposit required: With our dynamic withholding system, we protect your account balance based on actual sales and refund activity, no deposit necessary.

Mix commission types: Easily offer rev share and CPA on the same network! Customize your commission experience by product and affiliate.

Easy to use: Set, pause, duplicate, and edit your CPA commission empire on the fly. Although its underpinned by a lot of data, CPA on CB is remarkably easy to use.

No lost sales: If your account goes negative for any reason, our system simply switches from CPA to rev share until your balance is positive for 24 hours. You never lose a sale.

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