12-Minute Plank Core Workout – For Toned Abs And A Tight Core

Tone your abs and strengthen your core with this total plank workout you can do at home! We’ll be holding some variation of a plank for a full 12 minutes in this workout. How long can you make it? Increase your core strength and tighten your stomach with this awesome at-home workout. Led by a physical therapist so you can follow along with the whole thing!


8-MINUTE PLANK WORKOUT: https://youtu.be/_lfR4sl0ZCE

10-MINUTE PLANK WORKOUT: https://youtu.be/LYvB7TwpC6E

Planking is one of my favorite core exercises. Few exercises engage all the layers of your core ab muscles the same way that a plank does. It’s a great way to increase core strength and flatten your stomach – especially if you include all varieties of planks like we’re doing to do for you in this workout!

Planking also works the muscles in your hips (glutes and hip flexors), lower back, shoulders, chest, and arms. It’s a great way to work a lot of important muscles with one very effective exercise.

There are many variations on a plank exercise. Most of them are static holds for your abs muscles and they’re a great way to increase static core strength and stability. In fact, core weakness is often a contributing factor to lower back pain. I often recommend planks to my patients experiencing lower back pain as a great way to strengthen their core and stabilize their spine.

However, planks don’t always have to be static. Performing variations where you add a little motion to the static hold is a great way to turn that static hold into a dynamic exercise and cave out a little abdominal definition in the process.

That’s exactly what I wanted to provide for you with this workout! I’m going to personally run you through 24 different plank exercises that we’ll be holding for 30 seconds each (12 minutes total).

What if you can’t hold a plank for the full 30 seconds? Or can’t make it the full 12 minutes? Try to go for as long as you can and then come back again and try to improve your time!

The different planks you’ll be holding for this workout include…

0:26 Plank

0:56 Right Side Plank

1:26 Left Side Plank

1:56 Marching Plank

2:26 Scissor Plank

2:56 Up Down Plank

3:26 Right Thread The Needle

3:56 Left Thread The Needle

4:26 Dolphin Plank

4:56 Lower Abs Crunch

5:26 Mountain Climber

5:56 Right Side Hip Dip

6:26 Left Side Hip Dip

6:56 Backwards 7

7:26 Spider-Man Plank

7:56 Right Side Plank March

8:26 Left Side Plank March

8:56 Left Plank Reach

9:26 Right Plank Reach

9:56 Rocking Plank

10:26 Bear Hold

10:56 Right Side Plank

11:26 Left Side Plank

11:56 Plank

Did you do the whole thing? I would love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below letting me know how it went or if you weren’t able to do the whole thing let me know how far you made it.

Be sure to come back regularly and perform this workout often (3-4 times/week) to see true gains in your core strength.

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