GrooveFunnels and ClickBank Complete Tutorial (Step-by-Step 2021 Guide)

In this video, I show you the complete ClickBank + GrooveFunnels tutorial so that you know how to promote your ClickBank offers.

Follow along with me step-by-step and let’s cover the following:

0:00 – Introduction
2:12 – Selecting our ClickBank offer
5:47 – Creating a landing page and thank you page
44:02 – Setting up conversion tracking with ClickMagick
50:25 – Creating the GrooveMail welcome email/autoresponder

GrooveFunnels is currently in beta, so it’s really buggy, some things don’t work, and support is non-existent – however it is free, so feel free to try it out yourself.

If you don’t have it yet, you can sign up using my affiliate link here:


That being said, let’s get straight into it!

Step 1: Select your ClickBank offer

The first thing you obviously have to do before you start promoting your ClickBank offers using GrooveFunnels is select your ClickBank offer.

ALWAYS read the affiliate terms and conditions before promoting any offer – for example the Resurge offer does NOT allow you to promote on Google Ads under any circumstances… so you don’t want to do that and get banned from the network.

We never promoted a Diabetes offer before, so let’s go ahead and promote the Diabetes Freedom as an example.

Step 2: Create your GrooveFunnels landing page + thank you page

Now that you selected your product, you’re ready to create a landing page for it.

Because the Diabates Freedom offer page is a big giant video, we can ask for emails from prospective clients in exchange for providing them with this free video that shows how to do xyz, in our case reveals the real cause of tinnitus.

So head over into GrooveFunnels, click on GroovePages, click on create new site, and select from an existing template.

It’s quite buggy to work with, however it is free and still in beta, so you can make work if you spend enough time on it.

You also have to click on “Funnels” on the left-hand side and add a thank you page.

Take the affiliate link that you were provided from step 1 and add it to the button of the GrooveFunnels thank you page.

You also have to add the ?tid=[cmc_vid] to it however so that it tracks sales and reports the data back to ClickMagick.

I cover tracking in a bit more detail in the next step, but adding this to the end of your link is important so that you can track sales that you make within ClickMagick.

But for now let’s move on to step 3 of this ClickBank and GrooveFunnels tutorial.

Step 3: Set up ClickMagick conversion tracking

Tracking is absolutely essential as you already know, so I’m using ClickMagick to track my GrooveFunnels landing/thank you page as well as the ClickBank offer.

I cover how to set up tracking in detail in this video, so check it out:

👉 How to track ClickBank sales with ClickMagick:

But in GrooveFunnels, you’re simply going to select your landing page by clicking on “Pages” on the left-hand side, and add the ClickMagick landing page code in the body section.

You’ll then grab the ClickMagick action conversion tracking code and add that in the body section of your thank you page.

Now, when someone lands on your landing page and signs up, you’ll see a click and an action in your ClickMagick stats.

You’ll also see a sale if you set up sales tracking correctly.

Let’s head over to the last step now!

Step 4: Create the GrooveFunnels welcome email/autoresponder sequence

Lastly, you have to set up the actual autoresponder which will send out emails to prospects that sign up on your landing page.

This is incredibly buggy and some emails deliver while others don’t, however the welcome email when creating the form has been delivering fairly consistently at least.

So we have to head over into GrooveMail, create a list, form and a sequence.

You can’t really customize the form appearance which is a big pain in the @$$, but once you add the fields you want to it, simply take the code and paste it on your landing page (removing the other form you might have added).

Then you can create an autoresponder sequence that will send out emails when someone either gets added to your email list, or signs up to your form – both are the same thing.

And that’s how you use ClickBank with GrooveFunnels!

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