Political issues in covid

UK, End of pingdemic

Rules on self-isolation have changed

England and Northern Ireland

People who are fully vaccinated, or are under 18

No longer have to self-isolate, if they come into contact with someone who has tested positive

Will be advised to take a PCR test

Will not have to self-isolate while they wait for result

People who test positive, legally required to self-isolate for 10 days

Professor Stephen Reicher, Governments Independent Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours

Government is taking a big risk

Concerned as infections and hospitalisations both high

Vital people take a PCR test if they have come into contact with a positive Covid case

The problem is that if you now make it a choice to people as to whether to take a test…people aren’t going to take that test if they can’t afford to be positive

Should remain “very cautious” and limit interactions, particularly with vulnerable people

Gov. Cuomo of New York

All health care workers, staff at all hospitals, nursing homes, adult care, other congregate care settings

Must have one dose of vaccine by September 27

Prevent a danger to the health of the people (Delta variant)

Exceptions for religious or medical reasons

Fully vaccinated so far

Hospital workers, 75 % of 450,000

Adult care facility workers, 74 % 30,000

Nursing home workers, 68 % of 145,500

Unlike state workers, no test out option

(More than 1,700 people are hospitalized in New York State)

California and Washington State already required


NYC soon museum staff and visitors, 33 venues

Mayor Bill de Blasio Monday

Defeating the Delta variant is the best way to support cultural institutions, because it brings us all back

to include bars, gyms, theaters, and other indoor venues

Take effect Tuesday, enforced from September 13

Texas Supreme Court

Permitted the mask mandate ban by Gov. Greg Abbott to stand

Hospitalizations in Texas, x 4 in the past month

About 14,000 new cases daily


Hundreds of soldiers patrolled the streets of Sydney

Victoria, curfew of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m

Darwin, 72-hour lockdown after a single asymptomatic infection

Sydney into rural New South Wales

First nation groups

Government priority group for vaccination

Over 16s, 15% vaccinated (versus 26%)

Risk factors and lack of health care facilities in the bush

Western New South Wales, 98 cases, mostly among Indigenous people

Dharriwaa Elders Group

Many of our elders and others in Walgett experience health and social issues that make them vulnerable to contracting Covid-19

The impact on our community could be devastating

Paralympics in Tokyo

24 August, no spectators like the Olympics

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