The Difference Between Rich Affiliates and YOU | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2021

Kyle explains what millionaire affiliates do that you (probably) don’t. There aren’t many cheat codes to the affiliate marketing game, but here are a few we see time and again:

– Test, optimize, iterate. Analyze what’s working and what isn’t. Proceed accordingly.
– Maintain flexibility and understand the entire picture, so you can be nimble.
– People are important. Provide them value. Affiliate marketing is often touted as a solo side hustle on your computer, but the biggest affiliates have a network. Your network is your net worth.
– Know your cash flow. Understand what your resources are.
– Be able to pivot. Ads disapproved? Algorithm updated? A particular niche isn’t your style? Be ready for when Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head.

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0:00 What to expect from this video
0:49 Highly profitable affiliates test and iterate
1:48 Rich affiliates aren’t bound by a single process
3:31 The best affiliates build long-lasting relationships
5:11 Successful affiliates tightly manage their cash flow
6:47 It’s critical to be able to pivot between niches
8:14 Recap

Learn which affiliate marketing niches earn the most money

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