How I grew my online business sales to over $17,000 in sales.. IN TWO MONTHS 🤯

Hi everyone!! I seriously CAN NOT believe how fast is flying. First off happy new years!! Hope that everyone is doing well and i’m manifesting a great year ahead for all of you!

I started my online business about 2 months ago and I wanted to share my journey and what I’ve learned. I love documenting the process, especially to look back on and to hopefully help another person out there. Please let me know if you liked the video and what other videos you’d like to see! Don’t forget to like & subscribe to support ya gurl ❤️



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A little about me:
Hi everyone! My name is Grace Kim and I am 23 years old living in the Bay Area. I’ve always loved creating content and I’m finally making the push to start YouTube! I’d love to share glimpses of my life whether it being vlogs, beauty, fash, or cat content. (I got a cat during quarantine and she is the cutest) Thanks for checking out my video and I hope that you like & subscribe to see more!

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