Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

This Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Video Tutorial is going to teach you how to make rapid fast affiliate commissions online, this method is proven and tested for so many years and still works in 2021 and will continue to work in future. This is the secret of all the top 6, 7 and 8 figure guru’s, if you want to make rapid clickbank commissions, watch the complete tutorial.

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In this Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, I am sharing live how to make rapid commissions online using any network specially with clickbank, you will get to see everything, and nothing left behind.

This is proven and tested by me and all the top earners, don’t you see them building a list and sending out promotional emails on a daily basis.

This works and it’s been working for years.

Keep watching my “Clickbank Affiliate Marketing” video to see this live.

It’s a simple process which you could create, be up and running within minutes

1) Create a FREE clickbank account, go to the marketplace and chose a good high gravity product, e-business products will be a great fit to promote

2) Create a landing page/bridge page around that product, you could use a free tool to do this or join the one which I am sharing in my video

This is the tool I use:

3) Get a autoresponder, you could use Aweber or getresponse or any other, I have shared both in my clickbank affiliate marketing video, I recommend getresponse for beginners because this is what I use.

You could join here:

4) Now you need traffic to fuel your landing page, this is how you are going to build a list and make money, remember the money is in the list, the bigger list you have, the more money you could make.

The best traffic source PPC specially Google and Bing, But this requires some type of experience and budget, that’s why I recommend Solo Ads for beginners, One of the recommended solo ads is UDIMI, If you want to watch a complete tutorial on UDIMI then here’s another video:

It’s simple, pay the vendor, and he will send targeted traffic for you that will build your list.

Link to join UDIMI:

Here’s another bonus traffic from my side which I use to build a list and drive a lot of traffic to my pages, this traffic source has made me a lot of clickbank sales, top notch quality traffic source

Here’s the link:

So that’s all, In short I have explained everything here but for details, watch the above Clickbank Affiliate Marketing video

Now let me answer one question, is it possible to promote clickbank offers using Facebook ads? YES

If you want to learn how to make $1000 a day from clickbank using Facebook ads and want to become a facebook traffic expert then I recommend you watch this $1000 day training where the NO 1 clickbank super affiliate is revealing how he and his students are crushing it with clickbank.

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