Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

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Online classes, I have mixed feelings about them. I like them because I need not physically go to a classroom to attend a class. I can be anywhere, doing anything, but still attending the online class. I don’t like them because, I need to join the class on time, without fail, or else I’ll be simply marked absent.
Let’s automate online classes and reduce the burden of joining the classes on time.
Here’s what I want my bot to do. It must join my classes on time, according to my timetable, and also leave the class as soon as it ends. It must also notify me whenever it joins a class, or leaves a class.
My online classes are held on Microsoft Teams, so I’m going to use Selenium to create my bot. Now, selenium is a famous framework for automating and testing web applications, and it is available for many languages, including Python, which is my favorite.

Check out my code on GitHub:

Now, I just need to make my bot run on the cloud so that it can run without any interruptions. I created a Windows virtual machine on Azure, opened up the virtual machine on my PC with the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), imported my bot (and installed required modules), and then executed it.

I can now just give the bot, my Microsoft teams login credentials, my discord webhook URL, and my timetable. The bot will take care of the rest.
Now I need not worry about missing my online classes.

Just make sure your teacher doesn’t find out now, lol.

And hey, do attend your online classes seriously, I made this only because I was bored, and I like to automate things.

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